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Water The Elixir of Life
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Water Wheel Exhibit
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Water Conservation in Ancient India Exhibit
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Water The Elixir of Life Gallery
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Water’s Journey from the Source to You
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Water Cycle Exhibit
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Water: The Elixir of Life Gallery

Our Earth is unique because it is the only known place in the universe where water exists as a liquid thus enabling life in all its diversity to thrive here. When human population was small their effect on the planet and its water bodies was also manageable. But over the past century, it has exploded thus creating an adverse impact both on quality and quantity of potable water. Human impact has resulted in growth of sprawling cities and towns which pollute our rivers with increasing amounts of waste and threaten our water systems as we squander this precious resource. This exhibition on Water – The Elixir of Life, is aimed at creating awareness about this scarce and all important source of life among the visitors specially the children.
The gallery unfolds with a plethora of exhibits that cover various issues related to water. How much of it is available on our planet and what percentage of it is potable and in what form is water available on the Earth are some of the issues that are dealt with in the exhibition. Other issues like the water cycle, water on different continents, water in ones body, water conservation, water treatment plants, properties of water, cultural and religious practices and their impact on our rivers etc are also covered in the exhibitions. The exhibition ends with a computer quiz on water and a pledge which the visitors can take to conserve water and protect this unique life supporting source for our future generations.
Exhibit on water efficient devices helps the visitor understand how we can conserve water as well as avoid wastage of water using intelligent planning, management and use of conservation devices. Water saved is water produced.

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