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Upcoming Events in the Month of March 2021

Upcoming Events in the Month of March 2021  और पढ़ें >>

Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day will be celebrated on 22nd April 2021  और पढ़ें >>

Result of Various Contests held during National Science Day

Result of Various Contests held during National Science Day  और पढ़ें >>

International Astronomy Olympiad - IAO Junior

International Astronomy Olympiad - IAO Junior  और पढ़ें >>

online conversation with the world leader Mr Sam Pitroda

Are you interested in an online conversation with the world leader, Mr Sam Pitroda, on broad themes of education, science and technology. Here is a golden opportunity.  और पढ़ें >>

National Science day & Anniversary Week

RSC, Nagpur has planned various online programmes to commomorate National Science day & Anniversary Week Celebration  और पढ़ें >>

Online Quiz

Online Quiz on "Indian Women's Contribution in Science & Technology was organised on 24th January, the National Girl Child Day.  और पढ़ें >>

Exhibits newly added

New Exhibits have been added  और पढ़ें >>

नया प्रदर्श प्रतिबिम्ब

??????? ??????? ?????? ?? ??? ??????? ?????????? ???????????? ???? ???  और पढ़ें >>

Science Lab Workshop on Syllabus based Experiments

Science Lab Workshop on Syllabus based Experiments for the students of Class IX only on Sunday, 07th February 2021, Time 10.30 to 5.00 pm  और पढ़ें >>

Netaji Subhash Chandra Jayanti

125th Netaji Subhash Chandra Jayanti  और पढ़ें >>

List of members with extended validity

All the members of Raman Science Centre, Nagpur are hereby informed that the centre has reopened from 26th November 2020. The centre was closed from April 2020 to November 2020 during lockdown.  और पढ़ें >>

Jupiter Saturn Conjunction

The day of conjunction of the two biggest Planets of our solar system is approaching. The visitors at centre witnessing the event on 10th December 2020  और पढ़ें >>

Special Sky Observation Programme

Sky Observation Programme for observing the conjunction of planets visible in night sky  और पढ़ें >>

नव प्रवर्तन केंद्र का सदस्य कैसे बने?

How to become a member of Innovation Centre  और पढ़ें >>

सतर्कता जागरूकता सप्ताह 2020

.  और पढ़ें >>

खगोल विज्ञान पर ऑनलाइन कार्यशाला

.  और पढ़ें >>

रामन विज्ञान केंद्र के सदस्य कैसे बनें

.  और पढ़ें >>


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साइंस कार्नर

NCSM की इकाइयां

Units of National Council of Science Museums.
1) National Council of Science Museums (Hqrs), Kolkata.
2) Science City, Kolkata.
3) Birla Industrial & Technological Museum, Kolkata.
4) Central Research & Training Laboratory, Kolkata.
5) Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum, Bangaluru.
6) Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai.
7) National Science Centre, New Delhi.
8) Srikrishna Science Centre, Patna.
9) Regional Science Centre, Guwahati.
10) Regional Science Centre, Bhubaneswar.
11) North Bengal Science Centre, Siliguri.
12) Burdman Science Centre, Burdwan.
13) Regional Science Centre, Tirupati.
14) Raman  Science Centre, Nagpur.
15) Regional Science Centre & Planetarium, Kozikod.
16) Regional Science Centre, Bhopal.
17) Goa Science Centre, Panjim.
18) Regional Science City, Lucknow.
19) Kurukshetra Panorama & Science Centre, Kurukshetra.
20) District Science Centre, Dharampur.
21) District Science Centre, Purulia.
22) Digha Science Centre & National Science Camp, New Digha.
23) Dhenkanal Science Centre, Dhenkanal
24) Kapilas Science Centre, Kapilas
25) District Science Centre, Gulbarga.
26) District Science Centre, Tirunelveli.

रामन विज्ञान केंद्र एवम तारामंडल हर दिन सुबह 9.30 बजे से शाम 6.00 बजे तक  आगंतुकों के लिए खुला रहता है। (केवल दिवाली और होली के दिन बंद)

कार्यालय समय: सुबह 9.30  बजे से शाम 6.00  बजे तक (सभी शनिवार, रविवार और सभी सरकारी अवकाश पर बंद)

केंद्र अब आगंतुकों के लिए फिर से खोल दिया गया है ।

मुद्राधिकार : रमण साइंस सेन्टर, साईट द्वारा : CsTech